Expert: Croatia has excellent conditions for development of equestrian tourism

ZAGREB – Renzo Tomi, an international expert on equestrian tourism, recently observed that Croatia has excellent conditions for the development of equestrian tourism. He suggested that the type of guests who are attracted to equestrian tourism could be amply provided for with the superb services and experiences on offer by a wide array of local hoteliers and tour operators.

Tomi, an Italian expert on equestrian tourism, visited Croatia to give a lecture at an international conference in Bjelovar.

Bjelovar, a city 80 kilometres east of Zagreb, has an international certificate for the Bilogora equestrian tourist trail, according to information provided by the National Environmental Equestrian Guide (ENGEA) in Croatia.

The 90-kilometre Bilogora equestrian tourist trail has a score of horse-welcome points.

ENGEA Croatia, an association established in 2016, has reported that all training and educational events for equestrian guides in Croatia have so far been supported by the Croatian National Tourist Board.

ENGEA Croatia says that there are a dozen equestrian associations in the region of Bjelovar and Bilogora, plus several family farms that are engaged in horse breeding and tourist trade.

(Source: Hina)

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