Solo exhibition of Dubrovnik’s oldest living artist, Ivo Grbić, open July 9 – August 25

A solo exhibition of the oldest living Dubrovnik artist, Ivo Grbić, opened at the House of Marin Držić Museum on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 8:30 pm. The exhibition “Marin Držić and Ivo Grbić: 70 Years together at the Dubrovnik Summer Games” will continue until August 25.

The exhibition includes drawings in various techniques by the famous Dubrovnik painter and graphic artist (born October 25, 1931). All of them were created at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which the artist has faithfully followed since its inaugural events in 1950, when Marin Držić’s Dundo Maroje was first performed on the summer stage. Right from the start, Grbić recorded the festival in sketches and of portraits of actors. While making those first sketches, he could not possibly have imagined that he would one day celebrate the 70th birthday of the Festival, as well as his 70 years of tireless and uninterrupted visual tracking of this unique festival.

In the catalogue for the exhibition, art historian Anita Ruso stated:

“During the 70 years of regular visits to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival program, especially the theater pieces that presented Marin Držić’s works to the public, Ivo Grbić recreated the unique pantheon of Držić’s characters, as well as everyone who helped bring Držić to life through performances: directors, actors, domestic and foreign, and especially respected audience from the public life of the City, Croatia and the world. There are also numerous portraits of musicians, choirs and orchestras, conductors and many soloists who performed at the Games.

The expressiveness of the drawn characters, the spontaneity and flexibility of movement, the incredible skill in creating the portraits are objective indicators of the great artistic value of this series.

(Source: Marin Drzic House Museum)

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