Milanovic for introducing euro, but only after talks on Croatia’s direction

ZAGREB, July 16 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate for President, Zoran Milanovic, said that he is not opposed to introducing the euro currency in Croatia, but the condition for that is ongoing discussions which will lead to decisions on the direction of the country.

“Croatia in the euro area in five years’ time, why not?” Milanovic said in a video posted on his Facebook profile which emphasized that adopting the euro would does not mean “cheaper money”, because lower interest rates exist only in well ordered countries.

He said that he was not for introducing the euro through a referendum, nor through meetings with the International Monetary Fund, which he called “the world’s financial policeman”, but “as a community of people who think and make decisions on their own fate in the next ten, twenty, thirty years.”

He noted that introducing the euro would mean that Croatia would not have a national currency. “That means a currency on whose trends decisions are made by people we don’t elect. And I reiterate, why not? But not in this way,” he said.

“Introducing the euro in Croatia does not mean cheaper money! We see that in a series of examples in Europe in which countries which are not in the euro area have the lowest interest rates. Interest rates do not depend on whether you are in the euro area but to what extent you are a functioning state, whether endemic thievery exists or order and the rule of law. That is why I advocate a modern Croatia: discussions, not dictation,” said Milanovic.

(Source: Hina)

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