Croatia’s Wings of Storm to attend Zigermeet airshow in Switzerland

ZAGREB, Aug 15 – Members of the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence (HRZ PZO) demonstration team “Wings of Storm” will participate in an international airshow at the Swiss airbase of Mollis near Zurich on Saturday.

The Croatian Defence Ministry stated that the “Wings of Storm” team had departed for Switzerland on Thursday in order to participate in the Swiss air show  for the second time.

The Wings of Storm (Croatian: Krila Oluje) is the official Croatian Air Force and Air Defence aerobatic display team tasked with presenting the skill, discipline, and cohesion of the Croatian Air Force.

The team consists of pilots from the Zemunik 93rd Military airbase. Unlike the majority of aerobatic teams in the world whose pilots’ single task is to train and do aerobatic demonstrations, the primary mission of the ‘Krila Oluje’ pilots is to train future Croatian air force pilots.

The first flight of the team was at an aerobatic performance with a formation of four aircraft, during the opening ceremony of the European sailing championship in Zadar on 23 July 2004.

The team candidates are chosen from among flight instructors who meet the conditions of excellent flying technique, have the required psychophysical predispositions, show team spirit, and have a minimum of 600 flight hours. The candidates go through a demanding training regimen of aerobatic flight in formations ranging from two to six airplanes.

During the performance, the aircraft fly at distances less than 2 m from each other, at speeds of up to 550 km/h and the gravitational loads that the pilots endure are from -2.5 g to +6.5 g.

The program performed by the ‘Krila Oluje’ is 23 minutes long and is performed at the altitudes from 50 to 1000 m and at the minimum distance from the audience of about 230 m.

“Wings of Storm” have to date participated in 195 airshows, 143 of which have taken place in Croatia while 52 have been international in numerous other European countries.

In early September, the Croatian team will also attend airshows in Austria and Belgium, the ministry stated.

(Sources: Hina/ Wikipedia)

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