Fairy-tales come to life in the Trešnja Theater 2019/ 2020 season

ZAGREB, September 20 (Croatia Sun News) – The director of Zagreb’s Trešnja Theater, Višnja Babić, has announced that the upcoming season of the theater will focus on classic fairy tales and stories. The autumn premiere opens on November 8 with an adaptation of the famous Grimm brothers fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’, which will explore the siblings’ back story in an unusual way, directed by Lea Anastazija Flefer.

In the second half of the season, starting from the end of February, the play ‘Stories from Long Ago’ will be performed, based on a collection of short stories by the famous Croatian writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić. The classic Croatian fairy tale will bring to life beloved stories such as “Stribor’s Forest”, “Regoč”, “Ribar Palunko”, “Tintilinić” and “Potjeh”, directed by Paolo Tišljarić, in coproduction with the Marin Držić Theater in Dubrovnik.

The final production of the season will be the play ‘Tenants in an Elephant’, the story of a patient elephant whose kindness is exploited by the inhabitants of an entire town. It based on a picture book by Dubravko Horvatic, and directed by Hrvoje Korbar.

The Trešnja Theater had a wildly successful previous year, as the number of visitors increased by 14% over the previous year. The ‘Nutcracker’ was especially a crowd pleaser, with 60 repeat performances during December and January, topping the charts of all Zagreb public theaters.

In addition to the regular theater repertoire, during the winter, spring and summer holidays and throughout the year, the Trešnja Theater will organize ballet camps, creative and other thematic workshops for children this season.


(Source: Tresnja Theater)

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