Conference held on digital economy’s growth potential

ZAGREB, Oct 3 (Croatia Sun News) – In 2016, the digital economy in Croatia amounted to HRK 18 billion and its GDP share was 5%, and according to a McKinsey & Co. study, its growth potential by 2025 is HRK 80 billion, or 16% of GDP, a conference on the potential of artificial intelligence in Croatia heard on Wednesday. 

The event was organised by the Croatian Employers Association, whose HUP ICT association presented a working document on expectations, the creation and use of solutions based on artificial intelligence. The goal is to launch the introduction of artificial intelligence in various areas of private lives and business, it was said.

The growth potential in digital economy by 2025 is based on higher productivity as a result of automatisation, Amera Zulic Vrabec of the HUP ICT Executive Committee said, adding that up to 52% of all working hours in Croatia could be automatised thanks to advanced digital technologies.

She said the HUP ICT document was based on five areas: advanced technologies, cyber security, cloud computing, technology used by SMEs, and digital skills.

The application of artificial intelligence is one of the strategic EU initiatives and the key driver of new economic development, Ratko Mutavdzic of the HUP ICT Executive Committee said, adding that it was necessary to stimulate the application of artificial intelligence both in the private and public sectors.

The EU is willing to invest €2.5 billion in the development of artificial intelligence in the next multiannual financial framework.

Mutavdzic said the HUP ICT was working on two other documents, one that would address the legal, ethical and moral aspects of artificial intelligence, and one on its application in specific industries.

In order to be successfully applied, artificial intelligence use must benefit society in general, in line with instructions from the European Commissions’s task force on artificial intelligence, it was said.

(Source: Hina)

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