Exhibition on Pejacevic noble family and Croat-Slovak ties opens in Vienna

ZAGREB, Oct 6 (Croatia Sun News) – An exhibition entitled “The Pejacevic family and cultural and historical ties between Croats and Slovaks” opened at the Croatian Centre in Vienna on Friday evening.

The exhibition, open until 20 October 2020, features photographs and inscriptions in Croatian, Slovak and German telling the story of the Croatian noble family and Slovak settlers in the Nasice area of eastern Croatia. It provides a cultural, historical and political context for several stages of Slovak settlement, which began in the mid-18th century, and the support settlers received from the Pejacevic family. The Slovak settlers contributed to the development of the Nasice area by clearing forests and working wood on the land owned by the Pejacevic family.

The Pejacevic family took an active party in the social, cultural and political life of Croatia for two and a half centuries. Notable members of the family included viceroys Ladislav and Teodor and composer Dora Pejacevic.

Croatian Ambassador to Vienna Vesna Cvjetkovic said that the Slovak minority was one of 22 ethnic minorities in Croatia, nurturing their culture and customs and enriching Croatia.

The director of the Slovak Cultural Centre in Nasice, Sandra Kralj Vuksic, said that the exhibition was a token of gratitude to the Pejacevic family for everything they had done for the Slovaks in Croatia.

(Source: Hina)

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