Plava Laguna, HUP Zagreb best tourism businesses on coast and in continental Croatia

ZAGREB, Oct 7 (Croatia Sun News) – Plava Laguna, Maistra and Valamar Riviera were the best businesses in the provision of accommodation and the preparation and serving of food according to net profit on the Croatian Adriatic coast in 2018, while HUP-Zagreb, Globalna Hrana and FTB Tourism were best in the country’s interior, an analysis by the Financial Agency (FINA) shows.

The analysis shows that in 2018 there were 82,200 businesses in the Continental Croatia region and close to 49,000 in the Adriatic Croatia region. Of those, around 7% or 5,700 businesses were in the sector of accommodation and food preparation and serving and were based in Continental Croatia while 6,392 or 13.1% operated on the Adriatic coast.

Noting that the number and share of tourism businesses was expectedly higher in Adriatic Croatia, FINA states that in 2018 those businesses employed more workers or slightly more than 46,200 as against close to 29,000 employed with businesses in the country’s interior.

Tourism businesses on the coast earned 2.4 times more revenues than businesses in Continental Croatia, their profits were 3.5 times higher and the average monthly pay was 43.7% higher than the average monthly pay paid by businesses in Continental Croatia.

Tourism businesses on coast earn HRK 20.5 billion in revenue

In Adriatic Croatia, the 6,392 tourism businesses last year earned HRK 20.5 billion in revenue. Their profit amounted to HRK 1.75 billion and they employed a total of 46,200 people.

Among them, the best performers in terms of net profits were Porec-based Plava Laguna, with a profit of HRK 308.4 million, followed by Maistra, with close to 283 million in profit, and Valamar Riviera, with a profit of 239.2 million.

In terms of revenues, Maistra had the highest revenues, in the amount of HRK 1.84 billion.

Among the top five performers in terms of profit were also Jadranski Luksuzni Hoteli (HRK 87.4 million) and Suncani Hvar (81.4 million).

Tourism revenues in Continental Croatia reach HRK 8.6 billion

Tourism businesses in continental Croatia (5,701) earned HRK 8.6 billion in revenue in 2018, while their total net profit amounted to HRK 184.7 million. They employed close to 29,000 workers.

In terms of net profit earned, HUP Zagreb was the best performer with 79.1 million in net profit, followed by Globalna Hrana with HRK 38.2 million in net profit, and FTB Turizam with HRK 30.2 million in net profit.

In terms of revenue, the best performer was Globalna Hrana with HRK 501.3 million.The first five performers in terms of net profit also include Adria Coast Turizam, with HRK 28.6 million in net profit, and Esplanade Oleander, with HRK 23 million in net profit.

(€1 = HRK 7.4)

(Source: Hina)

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