Geolux radar systems on Chinese market with support of Croatian SMEs agency

ZAGREB, Oct 9 (Croatia Sun News) – Radar systems manufactured by the Geolux company from Samobor are conquering foreign markets, including China, with the support of the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investment (HAMAG-BICRO), the agency said on Wednesday.

Geolux has eight employees and manufactures radars for use in industry, hydrology and security systems. The entire range of its products is the fruit of its own development, and almost all production is carried out in Croatia. Currently Geolux generates most of its revenue by selling radars for measuring the level of rivers, lakes and reservoirs and radars for measuring water surface velocity.

The company’s success is confirmed by the fact that it controls nearly a third of the Chinese market, where it delivered hydrological radars worth about HRK 1 billion (€135 million) last year alone.

The owner and one of the founders of Geolux, Tomislav Grubesa, said that the company’s recent participation in the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Geneva showed that its products were ahead of global trends, especially in terms of their advanced functionalities and reliability and thanks to their small dimensions, which he said was becoming increasingly important.

Geolux is finalising an investment cycle for the development of a new radar platform for security systems and is planning to market a new, fourth generation of ground surveillance radars. It has presented its solutions to NATO members at a military exercise in the United Kingdom.

HAMAG-BICRO has so far supported Geolux with HRK 4 million (€540,000) through various programmes.

(Source: Hina)

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