US donates two vehicles for detecting radioactive material to Croatian police

ZAGREB, Oct 10 (Croatia Sun News) – The Croatian police on Wednesday took ownership of two mobile laboratories valued at USD 500,000, donated by the United States, for the detection of radioactive or nuclear material.

The donation envisages the training of Croatian experts and three-year maintenance of the vehicles and equipment, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said.

The donation was signed by Brent Park, Deputy Administrator of the US National Nuclear Security Administration. Present at the handover were Croatian Interior Ministry and police officials and US Ambassador Robert Kohorst.

The vehicles will go to the Zagreb and Split County police departments.

“For us, this is very valuable equipment, not just because of the price but also because it is the most high-tech equipment which the US government gives to its strategic partners,” Bozinovic said, adding that he was pleased with the speed of the cooperation between the two countries when it came to security.

Park said they were working on the creation of a global network of partners to detect the presence of radioactive or nuclear material and in that way maintain security in the world. He added that Croatia was one of the most capable members of that club.

The Interior Ministry said this was the third US donation in the past ten months.

(Source: Hina)


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