Community centre in Srb renovated with US donation

ZAGREB, Oct 11 (Croatia Sun News) – The US Ambassador to Croatia, Robert Kohorst, on Friday formally opened the renovated community centre and WWII National Liberal Struggle memorial centre in Srb, about 220 kilometres south of Zagreb.

Kohorst said he was glad that the US government had invested $350,000 in the renovation project, adding that he believed community centres like this could serve as places of development and learning for young people.

The ambassador said he believed the community centre would be a valuable resource to the local community and would help improve work and life for all the people in Srb.

The memorial centre in Srb forms an integral part of the memorial complex commemorating the uprising of the peoples of Croatia against fascism on 27 July 1941. Today it is used by the Serb committee and several local institutions and non-governmental organisations.

The renovation project was financed by the US Army European Command with $250,000, and an additional $100,000 was donated for the preparation of the project. The project was carried out by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The UNDP donated about €8,800 and the Serb National Council provided about €6,700 for office equipment.

MP Milorad Pupovac thanked the state institutions for exempting the US investment from taxation.

“This is not the first programme of Croatian citizens and the Serb minority to be financed by the US government. There have been many in the last 20 or so years. This is a chance for us to thank the US representatives, not just for this project, but also for all the projects that preceded it,” Pupovac said.

Kohorst said this is a small step that can help that people do not leave that area and that people who left return, adding that he is aware of Croatian government efforts to give young people and families incentives to stay in Croatia. He said that everything should be done so that people would feel at home and added that they should also be ensured good jobs.

(Source: Hina)

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