Serbian Culture Days in Croatia open

ZAGREB, Oct 16 (Croatia Sun News) – Serbian Culture Days in Croatia opened in Zagreb on Tuesday and will be held until November 2, in Zagreb, Rijeka and Opatija, including lectures, exhibitions, concerts, book launches, theatrical performances and films.

The event, organised by the Prosvjeta Serbian Cultural Society and held under the auspices of Croatia’s National Minorities Council, was opened by Council president Aleksandar Tolnauer, who said the Council was backing it also financially as Prosvjeta was a very important Serb organisation in Croatia with a long tradition.

Serb National Council president Boris Milosevic said Serbian Culture Days in Croatia helped the visibility of the entire community as well as of Prosvjeta, Serbs’ biggest and most important cultural and educational organisation.

“That’s especially important today because we often have, in cultural circles as well, attempts to erase Serbs’ contribution, and Croatian culture, culture in Croatia, wouldn’t be what it is today, wouldn’t be right, without this contribution by Serbs in Croatia. That’s why I’m glad we have Serbian Culture Days,” said Milosevic.

Prosvjeta vice president Sinisa Tatalovic said Serbian Culture Days in Croatia was the central manifestation not only of Prosvjeta but the Serb community as well.

(Source: Hina)

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