International anti-hunting protest held in Zagreb

ZAGREB, Oct 27 (Croatia Sun News) – The nongovernmental organisation “Oslobodjenje zivotinja” (Liberate animals, unofficial translation) staged a protest rally in Zagreb on Saturday, seeking a ban on hunting and saying that killing, hunting and using animals in other ways was wrong.

“With this protest we want to tell the public that shooting at helpless animals and any other intentional killing and use of animals is entirely ethically, environmentally and health-wise wrong and that it should be banned as soon as possible,” the protesting animal rights activists said during a walk through the city centre, carrying banners with messages condemning hunting.

Humans should live in peaceful coexistence with wild animals because Earth does not belong only to humans, the organisers of the protest walk said.

The second international protest seeking a ban on hunting was supported by many public figures, the organisers said.

(Source: Hina)

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