HNB reports HRK 159.3 bn in total assets

ZAGREB, Oct 28 (Croatia Sun News) – The Croatian National Bank (HNB) posted total assets of HRK 159.3 billion at the end of August 2019, a rise of HRK 10.4 billion or 7% from the previous month and of HRK 34.6 billion or 27.8% from August 2018.

Compared with the end of 2018, the central bank’s total assets increased by HRK 25.9 billion or 19.4%.

Analysts at Raiffeisenbank (RBA) say that the increases mainly reflected movements of foreign exchange assets given that they accounted for nearly 99% of total assets.

The HNB’s foreign exchange assets reached HRK 157.3 billion at the end of August, up by 7.1 on the month and 27.2% on the year.

Gross international reserves expressed in euro reached slightly over €21 billion at the end of August, an increase of 7.1% on the month and of 28.8% on the year. In September, they fell by €600 million, or 2.9%, to €20.4 billion due to a drop in repo transactions.

(€1 = HRK 7.449142)

(Source: Hina)

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