Istria Book Fair, Forum of Slavic Cultures sign agreement

ZAGREB, Oct 28 (Croatia Sun News) – The Istria Book Fair(y) and the Forum of Slavic Cultures signed an agreement in Pula on Monday, presenting on that occasion the joint programme “Slavic Garden” as a new event of the 25th Istria Book Fair, to be held on December 5-15.

“After numerous regional programmes whereby the Pula fair presented, along with its central themes, the prominent figures of regional literatures from our more immediate neighbourhood, a new programme has been devised in cooperation with the Forum of Slavic Cultures, focusing on Slavic literatures and cultures established after the fall of the Iron Curtain, with which the Forum has been dealing since 2004,” Fair director Magdalena Vodopija said, adding that the Slavic Garden was meant to become a traditional and lasting part of the book fair.

Under the agreement signed today, Slavic writers will come together in Pula every December.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures is an international foundation which promotes contemporary Slavic writers and links Slavic cultures, their writers and translators with readers.

A historian, former Slovenian culture minister and Forum director, Andreja Rihtar, said that the international non-profit foundation today connected more than 300 million Slavs in 13 Slavic countries.

This year’s, first edition of the Slavic Garden will focus on Russian literature.

(Source: Hina)

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