Amendments raising parental leave allowance put to public consultation

ZAGREB, Nov 5 (Croatia Sun News) – The ministry of demography, family affairs, youth and social policy on Monday put to public consultation amendments to the Maternity and Parental Allowance Act whereby the maximum pay during parental leave (after the first six months of the child’s life) would be raised to HRK 5,654 (€759).

Under the amendments, as of April 1, 2020 the maximum allowance paid for the duration of parental leave (after the first six months of the child’s life) to employed and self-employed parents would be raised from the current amount of HRK 3,991 (€536) to HRK 5,654.

The amount would be received for six months if the right is used by one parent, plus an additional two months (a total of eight months) if the right is used by both parents.

Maternity allowance (paid in the first six months of the child’s life) would continue to be paid as part of the mother or father’s salary and would not be capped.

The changes in the system of maternity and parental leave are being introduced to additionally encourage parents to use parental leave, ensure mothers’ stability on the labour market and more strongly include fathers in the early upbringing of children. Using this right would enable parents to harmonise their professional and private life, read the amendments, which will be under public consultation for 30 days.

The Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO) estimates that the amendments will cost an additional HRK 160.65 million in 2020, an additional HRK 214.19 million in 2021 and as much in 2022.

(Source:  Hina)

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