Schools in Croatia to get 91,000 tablet computers for education reform

ZAGREB, Nov 5 (Croatia Sun News) – Schools in Croatia will get 91,000 tablet computers before the start of the second term as technological support to the teaching process in the grades where the education reform will be frontally introduced this year.

The delivery of 91,641 tablet computers will begin on December 16. The devices, worth 101.2 million kuna including VAT, were procured by the Central State Office for Public Procurement with money from the European Social Fund.

Minister Blazenka Divjak said this was an important step in the digital transformation of schools that would considerably contribute to the teaching dynamic and student motivation.

Addressing the news conference, at which suppliers presented the new tablets and publishers presented teaching content to be displayed on those computers, Divjak presented a survey covering students who last year attended one of the 74 schools participating in an experimental project to introduce the education reform, which showed that students prefer the use of digital technologies in the teaching process to other teaching methods.

The survey shows that 75% of students like to use computers in school, while 87% said they used computers with ease and 80% said they used educational content on the Internet, the minister said.

Data from the experimental schools are good, the minister said, adding that every 5th and 6th grader in the primary schools that had introduced the education reform would receive a tablet which they would be able to take home. She recalled that last year 8,400 tablets had been purchased for experimental schools and that before that schools had been supplied with desktop computers and projectors.

A representative of the S&T Hrvatska company said the tablets had a protective casing, were the size of a textbook, could be connected to the Internet and had a large data storage space.

(Source: Hina)

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