Croatia among EU countries with highest increases in agricultural output

ZAGREB, Nov 15 (Croatia Sun News) – Croatia, along with Slovenia and Romania, recorded the highest increase in agricultural output in the European Union last year owing to a two-digit rise in crop output, according to data from the EU statistical office, Eurostat.

In 2018, the highest increase in agricultural output was recorded in Slovenia, of 17.9%, ahead of Romania (+8.0%) and Croatia (+5.9%).

Croatia’s agricultural production rose to €2.3 billion in 2018, while stagnating in 2017. Last year’s recovery resulted from an 11.9% rise in crop output, while animal output fell by 3%. In 2017, crop output stagnated while animal output declined by 3%. Agricultural services output rose by 1.8%, while inseparable secondary activities, including certain agri-tourism activities, went up by 3.2%.

Decreases in agricultural output were recorded only in Denmark (-8.9%), Sweden (-8.8%) and Lithuania (-7.4%).

France retained the position of the EU’s leading agricultural producer, with total agricultural output of €77.2 billion and the share in total EU output of about 18%. The value of its agricultural output rose by 5.6% from 2017.

The total agricultural output of the EU stood at €434.3 billion in 2018, up by 0.6% compared with 2017. Animal output fell by 2.4%, with volume up by 1.2% and prices down by 3.5%; production of pigs decreased by 7.4%, of milk by 3.2% and of cattle by 1%. The value of crop output increased by 2.7%, with volume up by 3.5% and prices down by 0.8%.

(Source: Hina)

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