Children in Ogulin kindergartens learning quantum physics

Not even in the most developed countries can the system of education follow the extremely fast development of science and technology, which is why methods should be developed to give children an insight into those areas and motivate them to turn to modern professions at an early age, said coordinator Dalibor Paar of the Zagreb Faculty of Science.

For children living outside big cities to have prospects and for life in small communities to be given new quality, the best possible education should be provided at an early stage and children should be interested in the 21st century professions, which are based on science education, known as STEAM, said Paar.

STEAM fields are science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, or applied mathematics.

The workshops in Ogulin are designed to encourage children to think and realise how complex and interesting the world around them is.

The topics discussed at the workshops are future digital technologies, the study of atoms on Earth and in space, exciting phenomena in physics, modern biology, the study of karst and caves, and the traditional skills of making and using hand tools.

The workshops were organised by the Ogulin town authorities, the local history museum and local schools and kindergartens, in cooperation with the Zagreb Faculty of Science and the Croatian Physical Society.

The main purpose of the project is the introduction of STEM/STEAM content in kindergartens and schools, with emphasis on the teaching of physics as of the age of four. The project initially covered three kindergartens from Zagreb and Samobor, after which numerous workshops were held in Pazin, Krasno, Krizevci and now in Ogulin.

(Source: Hina)

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