Days of Architects to be held in Šibenik on 12-14 March

ZAGREB, Feb 24 (Croatia Sun News) – The main theme of the Days of Architects 4.0, to be held from 12 to 14 March in the coastal city of Sibenik, will be housing, and the programme will involve awarding two medals – the Medal for Architecture and the Medal for Conceptual Venture, the Croatian Chamber of Architects (HKA) announced earlier this week.

The medals will be awarded on 13 March, and the aim is to raise the profile of the profession and to promote excellence in architectural design and conceptual thinking.

“Our duty is to promote quality architectural projects and reward them. By awarding prizes, we are promoting the excellence and social responsibility of architectural design among the members of the Commerce, as well as raising the profile of architects in the public. In line with the principle of excellence, we will evaluate the realisation of the project according to its contribution to technical and technological excellence, to innovation and rationality in engineering and to its solidity and lasting quality,” said Zeljka Jurkovic, president of the HKA.

The central theme of the largest professional meeting of Croatian architects will be housing, so this year’s conference will deal with the issues of urban and spatial planning, it will showcase examples of social housing in Croatia and Europe, and there will also be discussion about housing policies.

(Source: Hina)

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