Archaeological project on prehistoric hunter-gatherers in Istria presented in Zagreb

“The research project was launched on 15 February and it will last until 14 February 2024, which is a period in which we can achieve a lot of what we envision,” said the research project manager Ivor Jankovic of the Institute for Anthropological Research, where the research is conducted.

The Prehistria project is funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, it is conducted at thirteen institutions, with the Institute for Anthropological Research playing a key role. Fifteen collaborators from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the USA are working on the research project.

As one of the primary goals, Jankovic emphasised that the research project aims to gain insight into the survival strategies of people from the time period as well as to envision their lifestyle in view of a very changeable environment and harsh conditions.

“Although the focus is on the area of Istria, our idea is to establish a wide geographical context, and include the area of North Italy, and other Paleolithic localities in Dalmatia,” Jankovic stated at the presentation.

(Source: Hina)

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