Red Cross to coordinate delivery of food, drugs to elderly

ZAGREB, March 18 (Croatia Sun News) – The Red Cross Croatia (HCK) will coordinate the system of delivery of basic food products and drugs to elderly and infirm persons, set up by the national civil protection authority due to the coronavirus epidemic.

HCK executive director Robert Markt told a news conference that numerous citizens had organised assistance to their neighbours but that everyone should be cautious so as not to do something that could endanger other people.

The HCK has therefore prepared instructions for providers and recipients of assistance to ensure visits to the elderly and infirm are safe.

According to the instructions, personal contact must not be close, the minimum personal distance must be two metres, conversation must not last for more than five minutes, all packaging must be discarded or disinfected, and hands must be washed.

As for food and drug delivery, all must take care of who they have contact with so that epidemiologists can follow the situation.

The HCK has also launched hotlines for psycho-social support for all citizens who feel anxiety, notably those in quarantine and self-isolation. The numbers of the phone lines are available on the HCK’s website.

Markt said that blood donation was now organised differently and called on blood donors to contact the HCK and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine for information on blood donations so that the health system could continue functioning well.

(Source: Hina)

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