National football team to donate € 554,000 for Zagreb earthquake relief, coronavirus fight

ZAGREB, March 24 (Croatia Sun News) – Players and the coaching staff of the Croatian national football team have raised HRK 4.2 million to be paid into the bank accounts opened by the Croatian government on Tuesday to help fight the coronavirus epidemic and remove the consequences of an earthquake that hit Zagreb on Sunday.

“The emergency situation in Croatia, caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the disastrous earthquake in Zagreb, has put the spotlight on many known and unknown heroes throughout the country, who make extraordinary efforts and demonstrate courage and organisation on a daily basis so that Croatia can cope with the crisis successfully,” the Croatian Football Association (HNS) said, noting that this was why players and their coaching staff had raised HRK 4.2 million to help in the fight against coronavirus and as aid to Zagreb.

The funds will be used to renovate the city hospitals damaged in the earthquake and to buy the necessary medical equipment, drugs and other medical supplies to fight the epidemic, the HNS said.

(Source: Hina)

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