Pharmacies, laboratories start producing disinfectants, antiseptics

ZAGREB, March 26 (Croatia Sun News) – Croatian pharmacies currently sell disinfectants and protective masks at real prices, and pharmacies and galenic laboratories have started producing antiseptics and disinfectants, the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists (HLJK) stated.

“We want to ensure supply for the entire health system and citizens,” said HLJK president Ana Soldo.

The purchasing price of rubbing alcohol has jumped by almost 300 times, while the prices of protective masks are up to 20 times higher compared to last year, the HLJK said.

In the current coronavirus pandemic, Croatian pharmacies, just like pharmacies in most other countries, are encountering an unprecedented demand for disinfectants and antiseptics and protective masks, which is why they have mobilised all available resources to produce disinfectants and procure protective masks from authorised suppliers.

The retail prices of disinfectants and antiseptics have increased as a result of an increase of as much as six percent in the prices of raw material as well as a marked increase in the price of packaging, the HLJK said, underlining the importance of launching the local production of disinfectants as well as raw materials and packaging.

Antiseptics and disinfectants are produced by Pliva and the galenic laboratories in Split and Zagreb as well as by smaller companies that have adapted their production to the current situation, the HLJK said.

(Source: Hina)

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