Croatia Sun News

Croatia Sun News is an independent news organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, and is supported by Sekvoja Centar d.o.o., a language services company.

We want to shine a light on positive developments taking place in Croatia, with a particular emphasis on current news events and individual perspectives that can inspire constructive conversations which are oriented toward a sustainable and prosperous future. We strive to reveal the truth through straightforward reportage, without propagating political spin. Our aim is to serve as a strong and reliable counterbalance to the culture of outrage, fear-mongering and hopelessness that currently pervades much of public discourse.

We are committed to the foundational principles of journalism:

  • Truth and Accuracy – We firmly believe that it is of utmost importance to prepare for best-case scenarios as much as worst-case; the future we get is often the future we are primarily focused on creating. Thus our primary emphasis is on current events that positively impact the future of Croatia by itself, as well as its relationships with neighbors and strategic partners. We will not avoid reporting the top news stories that can negatively impact Croatia. We will not shy away from holding up a mirror to our best or worst sides, but will always strive to highlight solutions over problems.
  • Independence – We care deeply about the editorial independence of journalism at Croatia Sun News. We are independently funded by Sekvoja Centar d.o.o., with only some translations by Blue Marble Translations d.o.o. as an outside source of support. Blue Marble Translations is not permitted to exert any influence over editorial processes. All editorial decisions are made independently. Croatia Sun News does not accept donations from government entities, political parties, elected officials or candidates actively seeking public office, nor do we accept donations from sources that could present a conflict of interest with our work or compromise our editorial independence.
  • Fairness and Impartiality – We have no interest in promoting any specific set of policies, actions or ideologies. Rather, we believe in taking a practical approach to business, living and community development, under the motto: “If it is legal, moral and ethical, then do whatever works.”;
  • Humanity – We embrace all of humanity, and seek to emphasize cooperation and our commonalities, in order to hold the line against the forces at work in social media, politics and economic entities who would divide us for the sake of personal profit. By understanding our shared challenges, we can find the path to lasting solutions;
  • Accountability – We want to hear from you, to keep our “feet to the fire” in matters of honesty and transparency. We hope to build a community based on trust and open two-way communication.