Croatia sets aside HRK 4.8 mn for projects of ethnic Croats in 11 European countries

ZAGREB – Croatia has earmarked HRK 4.85 million for grants to programmes and projects of Croatian minorities in 11 European countries this year, according to a decision adopted by State-Secretary in the Central State Office for Croats Abroad, Zvonko Milas.

A quarter of that amount, 1.2 million kuna, has been set aside for programmes and activities of ethnic Croats in Serbia.

Thus, the Croatian National Council in that country can count on 125,000 kuna for its development programmes and for boosting media visibility and education in the Croatian language in Serbia.

In 2019, 13 associations and societies of the Croat community in Slovenia have HRK 550,000 at their disposal under this scheme of the Zagreb-based Office.

Furthermore, a half million kuna has been earmarked to Croat associations in Austria and approximately the same amount has been allocated to ethnic Croats in Hungary.

Zagreb has set aside 400,000 kuna for activities of ethnic Croats in Montenegro this year.

Also ethnic Croat communities in Italy, Romania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Czechia, and Slovakia have been given grants for their programmes.

 (EUR 1 = HRK 7.4)

(Source: Hina)