12th ZeGeVege festival starts in Zagreb Friday

ZAGREB, Sept 5 – The 12th edition of the ZeGeVege festival of sustainable living starts on Friday and will run for two days in Zagreb’s Ban Jelacic main square, offering training programmes, cooking workshops and tasting vegan products.

The ZeGeVege festival is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in this part of Europe and it brings together about a hundred exhibitors and 20 restaurants presenting vegan meals. Last year about 50,000 visited the festival.

“In addition to the already known and also a lot of new healthy products, ZeGeVege exhibitors will also present cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals,” the festival’s organisers said.

The festival will present lectures and cooking workshops. Visitors can learn about vegan food, sustainable development and about the environmental influence and repercussions of raising animals for food.

(Source: Hina)